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China International Baby Articles Fair

October 16-18, 2018     Shanghai New International Expo Center

International, high quality, professional trade platform

220000 square meters 2400 exhibitors 3600 brand 70000+ buyers

Get the Benefits Now!!

It is only about two months before our expo (on October 18-20, 2017). As the organizer, we decide to provide benefits, for the overseas visitors only!! There are free hotels, visitor bonus, lunch coupons and exquisite gifts!!!!! Register now and you may get the chance to be the lucky one!

Here are the benefit details!
Ⅰ  Free Hotels      (Quantity 50)
      Ⅱ  Visitor Bonus     (Quantity 100)
           Lunch Coupons  (Quantity 150)
          Exquisite Gifts   (Quantity 200)

★   Note: limited chance only for part of the visitors registered before Sept.15th. We will inform the lucky visitors by e-mail
1.       Free Hotel


Descriptions: Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Oriental Shanghai (Qty 50)
           5star ★★★★★
           1. It is 10 minutes' drive from the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.
           2. Free buses are available from Plaza Royale to expo center during the fair.

2.       Visitor Bonus


Descriptions: RMB 500 or RMB 1000, 2 different bonuses. (Qty 100)
                        ★¥500≈$75,  ¥1000≈$150
                You can use the 2 different bonuses to enjoy a 5 star hotel or try local dishes.

3.       Lunch Coupons


Descriptions: During our fair time, overseas buyers may receive lunch coupons from our staff. You can use it in some specified areas for lunch. (Qty 150)

4.       Exquisite Gifts


Descriptions: We prepared exquisite gifts to the pre-registered lucky visitors! (Qty 200)

▲ Please notice that all the benefits are limited!!!! Do registration now!!Maybe you are the lucky dog!!

If you miss the benefits mentioned above, never mind! All of our registered visitors can enjoy VIP services!!! Just do registration now and you can get VIP services!

  1. Free VIP resting room with free drinks and snacks
  2. Get the latest news and reports of China Kids Expo
  3. Get free brochure on site
  4. Enter the exhibition hall much faster
  5. Private sourcing meeting & factory
Someone else will get the benefits will you are still thinking!!! Register now!

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