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China International Baby Articles Fair

October 21-23, 2020     Shanghai New International Expo Center

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230,000 square meters 2,508 exhibitors 4,859 brand 88481 buyers

Brief Review of China Stroller Export and Import in 2018

88% of exhibitors in China Kids Expo are manufactures with export experience. Taking stroller as an example, have a brief review of Export and Import in 2018.
Stroller imports and exports totaled US$3.789 billion, down by 0.26% year-on-year. Exports totaled US$3.755 billion, the same as those of the previous year. Imports totaled US$34 million, down by 22.73% year-on-year.


The third quarter in 2018 saw the largest stroller exports, which totaled US$1.087 billion.

              Monthly Exports of Strollers and Month-on-Month Growth Rates in 2018

The United States, countries along the Belt and Road routes and EU member countries were the main export markets of China’s strollers, accounting for 76.61% of China’s total exports in this regard.


In 2018, according to the ranking of China’s stroller exports, the top 10 destination countries were: The United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, France and India. The combined exports to the above-mentioned 10 countries accounted for 55.58% of China’s total exports in this regard.

                                         Major Exporting Countries of Strollers in 2018
(1=The United States, 2=the United Kingdom, 3=Russia, 4=the Netherlands, 5=Germany, 6=Japan, 7=Indonesia, 8=Australia, 9=France, 10=India)

In 2018, according to the ranking of China’s stroller exports, the top 10 provinces and municipalities were: Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Fujian, Shanghai, Hebei, Anhui, Xinjiang and Hubei. The total exports of the above-mentioned 10 provinces and municipalities accounted for 95.55% of China’s total exports in this regard.

                        Top 10 Provinces and Municipalities Exporting Strollers in 2018
(1=Zhejiang, 2=Guangdong, 3=Jiangsu, 4=Tianjin, 5=Fujian, 6=Shanghai,7=Hebei, 8=Anhui, 9=Xinjiang,10=Hubei.)

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