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China International Baby Articles Fair

October 21-23, 2020     Shanghai New International Expo Center

International, high quality, professional trade platform

230,000 square meters 2,508 exhibitors 4,859 brand 88481 buyers

CERTIFIED SUPPLIER INITIATIVE (CSI) - Link With Top-rated Manufacturers

The CERTIFIED SUPPLIER INITIATIVE (CSI) is initiated by CTJPA which is the only national wide trade organization of toy and baby products in China.
The purpose of CSI is to build a reliable platform of searching top-rated qualified Chinese manufacturers which hold valid testing reports and certificates to meet various standards of product safety, quality management system, social responsibility, and specified standards by individual buyers.
CTJPA verifies the validation of all certifications and testing reports submitted by suppliers and publishes all comprehensive information of CERTIFIED SUPPLIER at website, which facilitates international buyers to find the desired products and suppliers accurately and efficiently.

Product Safety Certificates-With EN 71, EN 1888, ASTM, SNI, ST 2016, CPSA 0001, AS/NZS  ISO 8124, Reach, RoHS, etc.
Certificates or testing reports complying with compulsory products safety standards of export destination issued by third party testing lab.
Safety Assurance Certificates-ISO 9001, FCCA etc.
Certified on quality management system or others.
Specified Certificates-Raw Material- FSC, etc. Product: GS, etc. Social Responsibility: FAMA, etc.
Certificates or testing reports requested or issued by individual buyers in aspects of  raw material, products safety, and social responsibility.
Export Certificates
The capability of export directly by in-house sales team
Social Responsibility Certificates-With IETP, BSCI, SA8000, SEDEX, RBA, WCA, etc.
Certified on social responsibility issued by third party international institution or organization
Any manufacture want to join CERTIFIED SUPPLIER INITIATIVE, it is required to submitted the relevant certificates or testing reports of these five criteria and to be verified by CTJPA. The verified information will be highlighted with star mark if corresponded certificates or testing reports are valid.
Updating Market Trends
To Learn about updating market trends and latest product information from China.
365 Days Business Matching Online
To search for suppliers and products via the CERTIFIED SUPPLIER website in 365 days.
Business Matching In Person
The CERTIFIED SUPPLIER are organized to participate at the well-known trade fairs, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo Toy Fair etc.  You can meet up with them directly at the show.
Customized Assistance
Any individual customized requests to find CERTIFIED SUPPLIER will be assisted.


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