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China International Baby Articles Fair

October 21-23, 2020     Shanghai New International Expo Center

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230,000 square meters 2,508 exhibitors 4,859 brand 88481 buyers

Check out the new features of Rastar new products with famous car brand license

The performance report released by Rastar Group in March shows that it has realized a profit of 311 million yuan in 2019, an increase of 47.68% over the same period last year. The key to the increase of Rastar Group is the stable development of toy business. At the beginning of 2020, Rastar has launched a series of new products licensed by famous car brands. They also upgrade the products in imitation, function, gameplay and patent design. Meanwhile, Rastar focuses more on the smart gameplay and function design of the new products, which highlights the meaning of Being educated while playing with toys.
Rastar BMW foldable tricycle: Exclusive design patent of folding system.
Rastar BMW foldable tricycle is exclusively licensed by BMW, featuring both pushing and riding modes and it can meet the traveling needs of kids aged 10-48 moths.
On the basis of licensed BMW logo and design, Rastar has developed the one-button folding system patent. The handle bar is removable. The body of the tricycle is foldable. It’s also easy for storage.


Rastar Jeep Wrangler RC Car

Rastar Jeep Wrangler RC Car is a foldable RC car licensed by Chrysler. The car is a 1:14 Scale Wrangler Model.
The built-in powerful drive can break through the terrain and can be played on a variety of complex roads. The matched spring shock absorption system can stably land even when jumping on high slopes, bringing an experience like off-road and wilderness walking.

RASTAR 1: 14 Scale Mercedes Benz G63- Breakthrough in gameplay


RASTAR Mercedes Benz G63 RC Car is licensed by Mercedes Benz. They also make breakthrough in gameplay, supporting forward, backward, left, right and other operations.
Long-distance controlling can be realized by its 2.4GHZ frequency. The front wheels of the vehicle are equipped with a shock mitigation system, which can make it drive safely on a variety of roads
Rastar intelligent Velocipes- Smart gameplay +science learning


Rastar intelligent Velocipes is a dinosaur toy featuring lifelike look and action, touch sensitive, science learning, singing and dancing.
1. Sound, light spray function
2. Imitated walking function
3. Touch and sensitive function
4. Smart companion function
Rastar 3-in-1 Walker-Upgrade in Scientific Walking

The Rastar 3-in-1 Walker integrates walker, table and educational modes. It is for babies aged 9 months. It can meet diversified needs for scientific walking of babies.
Different from other walkers, Rastar 3-in-1 Walker adopts the triangular mechanics design and uses the golden triangle structure to support the walker. The product uses the body balance design to allow the baby to use the walker correctly and stay away from the wrong walking methods such as O-legs.
When the walker turns into a small table board mode, it can be used as a small table for learning and playing. When the walker turns into puzzle mode, turn the steering wheel or press the fruit button, the product will play easy music. Turn the crystal ball to switch the story, and the fun fruit story pool will help the baby to enrich the imagination.
Rastar RC Cleaning Car-Learn garbage sorting while playing


At present, the garbage classification has attracted much attention, and various toys related to the knowledge of garbage classification are very popular. Rastar RC Cleaning Car can help children quickly organize small toys, cultivate children's sense of cleanliness, exercise their sense of direction, make hands-on organization fun, and become a little expert who loves cleaning and understands garbage classification.
This car can be operated by controller or hands. It has four trash cans in red, green, blue and grey. Large garbage that cannot be cleaned, such as building blocks, can be manually stored in a recyclable blue bin, allowing children to learn about garbage classification while playing.
The product is equipped with a large-capacity inner box, which can store more garbage, reduce the frequency of sorting, and cultivate the baby's good storage habits. When the garbage is full, control the car to the designated position. After pressing the dump button, the box can be dumped. The garbage is also accompanied by the farting sound effect. After the garbage is dumped, it is manually reset. In order to be more visual, the car body will appear funny expressions from time to time. Turn on the power or push the car hard, you can trigger the windshield lights and funny expressions appear, which makes it more playable.
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