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China International Baby Articles Fair

October 16-18, 2018     Shanghai New International Expo Center

International, high quality, professional trade platform

220000 square meters 2400 exhibitors 3600 brand 70000+ buyers

FREEBIO Technology Corp.

Exhibitor Logo: FREEBIO Technology Corp.
Exhibitor Name: FREEBIO Technology Corp.
Product Category: Health & Care and Bathing Products
Booth No: w3
Short Description: Freebio Technology Corp. is located at Heng Yang Road, Taipei. The company is established based on the "good-heart, good thought, good fate”, is dedicated to provide customers with the best-quality merchandise, and develops various good natural enzyme products. The company also tries to integrate natural good essential ingredients into our body, to protect the earth's resources, and to maintain the health of the environment.
Our main product, the Intelligent enzyme toothpaste, contains four natural salivary enzymes and lactoferrin. It can recover the ecological balance of saliva and is an excellent toothpaste for the Taiwanese toothpaste market.
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